One of the most important things for me is to have beautiful photos that really give a feel about my brand and products.

I work with the photographer Sam Bond who is a commercial photographer and also do some pretty cool music photography too. He has taught me a lot about composition and styling and made me really picky about the way my photos looks.

Once you get all your products and props ready let the fun begin!

I try to use props that are in line with my branding, not too big, small or colourful as I want to keep the focus on my products. I have a soft spot for toys they just work really well for me, and then I can play with them afterwards! Thinking ahead of colours, themes... for props really help the storytelling and then the photos.

When I’m planning a photo-shoot I always start with a rough sketch of the composition I want to create, then tweak it according to what looks best visually.

We really like the look of natural light, but because of the unpredictable weather in the UK (silly weather!) we recreate a very natural looking light by using very simple studio lighting, one light and a reflector to even out the light.

Once the final composition and lighting is all set, we then take the photo! Afterwards the photos are imported into the computer make them look lovely and overlay any text that is needed. A bit of de-dusting later (bloody cat) and they’re ready to go!

There is real value in using a professional photographer, the level of detail and styling and the quality of the photos are worth every penny! If you want to get in touch with Sam drop him a line!

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