Bespoke product

At Oolala Design we like to design bespoke products, it’s actually really fun!

From wedding stationary to home-ware or jewellery, we’re on it!

Here is an example of one of our bespoke product, a napkin holder shaped like a little boat. The client brief was very open, he wanted a piece of home-ware or tableware to put on the table that was related to the sea, literally anything! But it had to be made out of wood.

First came in the mood board of the style he was after, then I sketched some ideas, a lot of ideas! The next stage of the process was to pitch him three of the best concepts, with either nice drawings or 3d renders. After a long chat and a few cups of coffee he decided on one of the concept which was actually my favourite (yay!).

He wanted to use cherry wood as it reminded him of the beautiful old sailing boat he once used to sail on (once upon a time!).

The boat had then to be properly 3d modelled with the appropriate dimensions to hold the napkins in place. A few technical drawings and mock up later the file was ready to become a physical product. The shell of the boat was cut by a cnc in two stages bottom and then top, the mast was then fixed in place. It was then oiled in order to protect the cherry wood, et voilà! 

A beautiful piece of home-ware for an old sailor and sea lover!

If you too fancy a commission please do get in touch here, we would love to hear from you!

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