Plant your card and grow flowers!


Feeling like doing a bit of gardening these days?

Get your green fingers back with our seeded greeting cards to plant! Send a card AND some flowers in just one envelope!

Our seeded cards are ordinary greeting cards with seeds embedded in the paper.

You can turn your card into blooming flowers by simply planting it! In planting your card you can grow some poppies, English daisies, catchfly, sweet asylum and black eyed susan.









Planting your card is simple and easy! Just follow the steps below.

- Shred your card into pieces. Place the pieces into a bowl of water for a few hours, this allows the seeds to loosen from the paper’s fibre.

- Plant the pieces into soil (a few mm deep), in a plant pot.

- Water your plant pot regularly and ensure the pot is kept in a bright and warm place. It is very important not to let the paper dry out by keeping the compost moist, but make sure to not over-water.

- With a little patience and sun, the seeds will start to grow and flowers will bloom. Enjoy!

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Please not the seeded cards can only be sent from and to Europe.

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