Care guide

How to care for your jewellery

Storing your jewellery
Keep your jewellery safe either in its original box or in dry and cool place to stop light, air and dust tarnishing them.  
Reducing wear and tear
To minimise tarnishing on your jewellery and prevent them to warp make sure to avoid any contact with water, perfume, or any beauty products. If your jewellery does get wet, rapidly dry it with a soft cloth.
To prevent any accidental damage always put your jewellery on last when getting ready.
Cleaning your jewellery
Sterling silver naturally tarnishes but you can make it shine again by simply using a gentle cloth with lukewarm water and mild soap, just be careful not to wet the wooden parts. To polish the wooden charms use a gentle cloth. Once done make sure your jewellery is completely dry.
Jewellery doctor
If your jewellery got accidentally broken or you have any jewellery care questions please do email us (with photos if possible) at as we might be able to help.